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Tips, Ideas and Suggestions for Successful Dieting

1 - Make yummy soups by adding vegetables. Or, use the soup as a sauce for your veggies and meat. The soups are actually very creamy.

2 – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER shake a protein mix with hot water in a closed container. It may explode and make a mess and could burn you! If you want to mix with hot water, use a small whisk instead of shaking.

3 – When dining out eat your protein and veggies first, before your high carb foods. Chances are you won't be hungry for that potato after all!

4 – Be careful not to overcook your products. Cook them gently and slowly. If you microwave, use a lower power setting and monitor every 30 seconds until you learn how each products works in your microwave.

5 – Measure your water carefully. A small change in the quantity of water will change the consistency and cooking time. You are welcome to vary the amounts of water you use in the different products, but just do it gradually so that you can determine the effect.

6 – Take notes on the water measurements, heat settings, and timings that work for you. Keep a chart in your kitchen for easy reference.

7 – Rinse, soak or wash your dirty dishes right away. Protein residue is difficult to clean off if it has had time to solidify.

8 – Did you know that hot drinks are satiating? Drink all the hot tea you want and it will help you feel full!

9 – Try not to eat after 8PM. For your evening snack, choose lower carb packets such as a puddings or drinks. You will continue to burn calories if you eat at least 2 hours before bed!

10 – Add cinnamon to your puddings and hot drinks. Cinnamon has been shown to have lots of benefits including lowering LDL cholesterol and regulating blood sugar.

11 – Add a tablespoon of Salsa or Horseradish to your vegetables, salad dressings and omelets for a zesty change!

12 – If you were/are an Ideal Protein user the items made by the same company as Ideal Protein are noted on the website. They are similar and ½ the price!!!

"Remember, we do not sacrifice quality for price, we just eliminate the middleman!"

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