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Our products may be substituted for Ideal Protein, ITG, NutriSystems, Optifast, Bariatric, IIFYM & all High Protein Diets. Our products cost less and contain no stimulants or pharmaceuticals!

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Why do our products work to help you lose weight? They are high in protein. Protein is key to a healthy weight loss. High protein intake boosts metabolism because it takes more energy for the body to process it. This means you are actually burning more calories. Protein fuels fat burning while reducing hunger. With a high protein diet, you do not experience those highs and lows that often result in “wanting to give up.”

So, get started on your weight loss journey with Ideal Weight Away. We offer a 14 day Jump Start Diet plan and tips and recipes to help you maintain your healthy weight.

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Kay's Naturals Cinnamon Almond Cookie Bites 10g Blueberry Pancakes 15g
Our Price: $12.99
Our Price: $12.99

Kay's Naturals Cinnamon Almond Cookie Bites Blueberry Pancake Mix
The Cinnamon Almond taste of these mini cookies will not only satisfy your urge for sweetness, they are a great way to get the protein and fiber your body needs and they are gluten free! You will have no reason to be blue in the morning with our Blueberry Pancake Mix! Packed with 15 grams of protein they are guaranteed to make a more satisfying breakfast.
Cheesesteak Pasta 12g Gift Certificate
Our Price: $13.99
Cheese steak Pasta
The Ideal Weight Away Cheese steak Pasta dinner has a fantastic Philly cheese steak flavor. A satisfying choice to help you maintain your weight loss goals. Everyone loves a gift certificate!
Jump Start Diet 14 Day Plan
List Price: $193.90
Our Price: $130.98
Savings: $62.92
14 Day Diet Plan
You can lose up to 10 lbs. in 2 weeks with our Our Jump Start Diet Plan!